Anonymous said:

I've having a bit of an existential crisis right now. Could you offer me some words of encouragement?



You are essentially realizing how much you don’t know, most likely based on realizing how much of what you’d previously regarded as fact is actually opinion.  Accept this painful confusion not as a burden, but simply the first of many necessary steps to an authentic comprehension of our universe.  Find motivation to educate yourself in the insecurity that your ignorance entails.  Utilize your senses to ground you.  You are not in immediate danger.  Begin writing down idea’s, contradictions, etc, until the chaos unfolds into the realization of certain fundamental components of existence.

A human is a book with empty pages. For me, the goal in the journey of life is to fill those pages. At the same time, it brings greatest joy yet ultimate sorrow when no matter how many pages I write, the book can never be completed. Hence the bedt thing one can do is make sure the pages in your tome of life are of good, happy quality.

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What is this blog about?

The Blog contains the illustrations relating to the unified theory of Everything [charged mass-ENERGY-Matter and its Forces of motion]. In addition to specific illustrations sourced from the 5 eBooks released to date, it also contains memes on various topics relating to many fields of science

Principia Geometrica [5] - Quantum Mathematics.pdf - Google Drive

Principia Geometric [5] eBook  - the quantum geometrics of Mathematics out now  - revealing the foundational geometry of equilateral Planck energy momenta underlying and unifying the math of physics…..

[part of the Tetryonic unified physics theory series]